Black Dog Syndrome...


It isn't a myth. It's something that us here at BIBDR see and deal with every single day.


Black dogs are one of the highest risks to not make it out of shelters. They're always overlooked in shelters due to superstitions and stereotypes.

In the U.S., 2010 statistics proved 50% of black dogs in shelters were euthanized. We can only imagine that the majority of the other 50% were rescued, only a small percentage actually adopted to the public.

The video below is for our audience to watch that explains in full why BIBDR was created. We think the general public needs to wake up and realize what is going on behind shelter gates. These dogs are just as loving and deserving of a second chance as the lighter colored dog kennelled next to them.

Ways you can help?


Adopt. Foster. Volunteer. Advocate.


Just like any other dog that's homeless, black dogs need us more than ever. The more homes we can find for our black dogs, the more we can save to bring this statistic down to the past.

So, will you stand with us to end this?

**Back In Black Dog Rescue is not the maker of this video - it was pulled from YouTube.**