About us

Back In Black Dog Rescue is a licensed, 501(c)3 dog rescue founded in 2016, dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of abandoned dogs across the United States. Though many are not aware of this, black dogs are among the first to be euthanized for space in high-kill shelters in the south. This is known as "Black Dog Syndrome". Whether the lighting in the shelter is poor and hides that black dog standing in the kennel, or the "black dogs are cursed" excuse, too often than not, black dogs are overlooked for lighter colored dogs. We work with an amazing group of advocates, fosters, and veterinarians in the south, mainly Georgia, and rescue as many black dogs as we possibly can. All of our dogs are properly treated for any illnesses, spayed/neutered, fully vaccinated, and microchipped prior to transporting to PA where they are adopted into their forever homes. 

2016 - 65 dogs adopted

            15 dogs in foster care

2017 - 81 dogs adopted
             25 dogs in foster care

2018 - 75 Adoptions
             6 dogs in foster care


2019 (thus far) - 40 adoptions

2020 (thus far) - 1 adoption

             9 in foster care

Total Adoptions Thus Far: 249